Lesley McFarland Handmade Glass Beads

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Etched Ivory round set

A set of five round ivory and silvered ivory beads, they measure 18mm x 17mm approx. and are etched for smoothness.



Price £25.00







Ivory crunch set

A set of five ivory and silver crunch beads, they measure 20mm x 15mm approx.



Price £18.00





Golden pillow set

This is a set of five pillow shaped beads, they measure approx. 20mm x 20mm and are made with silvered glass and fine silver foils.




Detail of beads





Price £28.00








Blue silvered set


This set consists of Five beads suitable for a bracelet, one slightly lareger bead to make a necklace and two small beads suitable for earrings, of course what you design is up to you.





Price £32.00






Pink set




A set of seven pink beads varying in size with the largest 20mm x 14mm to the smallest 15mm x 10mm, decorated with dots of fine silver.





Price £36.00







Cream silver bead set


Detail of beads


This set consists of six cream pink round beads measuring approx. 16-18mm diameter and eight silvered spacer beads.



Silvered purple set



This set comprises of six shiny silver round purple beads and seven small shiny spacers.

The larger beads measure approx. 25mm.



Flower power set


A set of nine beads measuring approx. 12-13mm diameter, the base colour is copper green glass so although I have added 10 pale blue spacers you could easily add green spacers if you preferred.


Sale Price £30.00







Green bead set


A set of five greeny blue beads measuring 18mm diameter, decorated with silver drops and supplied with five silvered spacers.


Sale Price £38.00





Ivory bead set


This is a set of five ivory crunch beads, measuring 20mm x 18mm approx. They are etched for smoothness.


Price £25.00







Ivory and wooden beads


Temporarily strung on leather, this is a set of 16 ivory beads with wooden spacers, they measure 10mm dia. approx and are etched.



Ivory tiles


A set of five ivory tile shaped beads, they measure 20mm x 20mm and are etched for smoothness.


Sale Price £28.00





Purple crunch set


A small set of five crunch beads in lilac to purple tones and decorated with silver, they measure 15mm x 16mm approx.(largest bead)


Price £22.00