Lesley McFarland Handmade Glass Beads

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Silvered focal

This is a one inch focal made with the cut out technique and incorporating silvered glass, decorated with tiny dots of silver.




Pleat bead

Pleat beads are tricky to make, this one is decorated with murrina and I think it looks like waving fronds under the sea or a river, it measures 27mm wide x 24mm tall approx. Both the back and the front of the bead are shown.








Moon Bead

This bead measures 42mm x 26mm and depicts a half moon and a full moon on the back. Front and back are shown.









Marquis silvered focal

This bead is red glass covered with silver and decorated with stringer work, it measures 40mm x 23mm approx.



Silvered ivory barrel

Two views of the same bead, made with ivory glass and decorated with silver, this bead measures 48mm x 15mm approx.





Blue Black focal

This is a large focal bead,measuring 40mm x 40mm approx. made with silvered glass and silver dots.





This tube bead is intended to resemble a peacock feather, it measures 42mm x 12mm approx.



Price £13.00







Large focal dot bead

This is a chunky focal, measuring 45mm across x 38mm tall, it is made with a special brown glass which is no longer available, it has an oily sheen to it, decorated with ivory dots, I think this resembles a type of sea urchin.



Price £20.00







Blue silvered twisty bead

A tube shaped bead decorated with a silvered twisty, it measures 55mm x 12mm approx.




Pink silvered focal



This large focal bead would be ideal a a necklace centerpiece, it is a gorgeous pink and decorated with silvered ivory and fine dots of silver, it measures 42mm across x 40mm tall.




Price £25.00







Ribbon focal


A focal with ribbon and decorated with silver glass, it measures 38mm x 27mm approx.



Opalescent sprial focal


This is very difficult to photograph, but expect a pale opalescent pearl colour, it is made with Aurora silvered glass, it measures 23mm wide x 34mm long approx.


Price £16.00







Green spiral lentil


A 25mm dark green lentil with silvered mesh inside, decorated with ivory glass.


Price £12.00







Turquoise focal


This is a rectangular shaped focal in turquoise with flowers and metals, it measures 38mm x 25mm approx.



Green focal


A lovely large green based focal, decorated in ivory, it measures 45mm x 45mm approx.


Price £28.00







Brown and Ivory focal


This bead measures 40mm across by 38mm long.  Made with ivory, silvered glass and powders and decorated with fine silver dots.


Price £25.00







Animal print tube


A tube bead featuring animal print and silvered ends, it measures 53mm long x 9mm wide approx.


Price £16.00






Honey barrel focal


A large heavy bead made with ambers and silvered glass with a misty look, it measures 42mm tall x 18mm across approx.



Silvered tube bead


This bead measures 45mm x 9mm approx. and is made with special silvered glass.







Wild at heart

I think this bead speaks for itself, it measures 37mm tall x 28mm across the widest part of the shoulders.



Price £15.00







Chalcedony barrel bead

Measuring 40mm long by 16mm diameter approx. this bead is made with a denim blue coloured glass and decorated with a special glass called chalcedony (pronounced Kal-si-donie) which produces lovely purples, oranges, blues etc.  This bead has more of the orangey purple tones.





Caramel twisty

A chalcedony twisty on a caramel background, this bead is a handshaped tube and measures 48mm x 10mm approx.